6 useful Elm packages for your web app

Making a web application in Elm?

Here are a few community libraries that are useful in almost any web application project you might be writing:

πŸ„ Pipeline JSON decoding


Even if your application uses a GraphQL API, you’ll likely need to decode JSON at some point.

NoRedInk’s library makes decoders easier to write by taking advantage of pipeline application.

πŸ“• Dict with keys of any type


The built-in Dict type only supports keys with comparable types. This package allows for keys of any type you use or define.

🍽 Set with keys of any type


Similar to the above, but for Setsβ€”great if you need unique value constraints and/or combination and intersection features.

πŸ’― Number formatting


An advanced number-formatting package with multiple language support. Has the same features as Numeral.js.

πŸ“… Date formatting


A flexible date-formatting package with clearly named functions that make naming options easier to understand. Has the same features as Moment.js.

πŸ”œ Time distance in words


An easy-to-use package that provides time distance in words with multiple language support.

This post was originally a Twitter thread as part of Ship 30 for 30.